Business Degrees In Today’s Context

by kensley

Business Degrees In Today’s Context

by kensley

by kensley

Business degrees are all the hype in today’s capital-intensive world.

Rapid technological advances have impacted the way the commercial world works; and has caused a huge vacuum in terms of recruiting labor force.The in-surge of new companies into the market requires a skilled workforce who could handle and pull through different obstacles in the business world. Thus, we see many students opting for a business degree soon after their Advanced level exams.he field of business is very diverse in terms of its content and job opportunities. Basic skills are covered in the first few introductory sessions of the degree; and these generic skills (such as analytical skills, problem solving, decision making, good communication skills etc.) are useful within the business world and beyond.With the commercial sector booming in status quo, a business degree would come in handy now more than ever. Here are a few reasons as to why it is so

Diverse and well-rounded

A business degree is well recognized for its diversity in the commercial arena. A business pogramme offers a basic understanding of general business practice and theory. It also focuses on the different areas of business, such as marketing, finance, human resources etc. one of which the students could later specialize in. Thus, the business degrees are well rounded in terms of the course study content, and is versatile when it comes to the many options it branches out into.

Applicable to many other fields

A business degree is quite complimentary to many other degrees from other fields. It goes hand in hand with many other professional qualifications (such as CIMA, ACCA etc.). It serves as an added qualification in certain instances as well – where having a business degree is a bonus point. A good example of this would be a corporate lawyer working for a firm. As a corporate lawyer, he/she would be required to have some form of business background; and a business degree of sorts would be the perfect combination.

Competitive advantage

Having a business degree as an additional qualification along with another major can give graduates a competitive advantage. The corporate world is very competitive, and companies do prefer a multi-skilled graduate who has a thorough understanding of both the business world and his specific job (e.g.-law/engineering etc.) as well. This adds to the credibility of the job applicant, and in many cases would give him an edge over another applicant who, say doesn’t have a business degree, but does have an LLB.

More job opportunities

As the corporate sector is still growing, there is always a vacuum created for jobs. Having a business degree would be vital in achieving this job, as the world today runs on a merit basis; where a degree is highly valued. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a degree, as one understands the key concept of the commercial world, and becomes familiar with the works of the corporate world.

A business degree, therefore is directly, or indirectly very relevant to the current commercial/corporate climate, and it would benefit the degree-holder in many ways. It is an option that ought to linger in the background when making career choices, and should not be ruled out easily.

With all this in mind, you can now make a sound decision on whether to begin with a Bachelors in Business Management at the Kensley Graduate School. Affiliated with the University of Chichester, the college’s theme of career centric learning will add greater value to the teachings you receive as a student since your future career prospects take the front seat when it comes to focus.