Choose ACCA – Get globally recognized

The fastest growing professional body in the world

Choose ACCA – Get globally recognized

The fastest growing professional body in the world

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By choosing ACCA you become a part of the fastest growing professional body in the world. Made of more than 219,000 members and 527,000 students spread through 181 countries. ACCA has more than 7,400 Approved Employers and has partnered with 80 accounting bodies. This worldwide network enables ACCA members to work anywhere in the world.
Technological advances, tightening regulation and changing consumer behavior have introduced new ethical complexities to the ever changing business world, ACCA produces ethical leaders equipped with the skills required to face these complexities.

ACCA @ Kensley

Understanding what the corporates expect from its employees, Kensley Graduate School has been providing the most appropriate and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Inline with that, we at Kensley conduct ACCA sessions in with a unique & exclusive delivery approach. businesses.

Approved Learning Provider

Learning providers are formally recognized by ACCA as Approved Learning Providers for the quality tuition and the structures delivery support given to the students. This ensures the students will receive the best possible support with the required facilities to peruse ACCA education.

Industry expert – Lecture Panel

As ACCA is a professional qualification every single subject needs to be taught specialists in that specific area, lectures who are currently practicing what they teach, as industry application is one vital part of ACCA.

In House Exam Centre

Students at Kensley have the opportunity of doing for their CBE Exams for the subjects F1 to F4 at our very own in house exam center. This enables them to use their Free Mock Exam provision to assure their Pass prior to the actual exam.

Local/International Work placement 

Obtain interview sittings from locally approved ACCA employers and also, work placements in the Gulf region through the college’s network.

Transfer assistance

Assistance with level 2 and 3 transfers abroad for the continuation of your ACCA studies with a smooth transition.

Career Centered learning at Kensley Graduate School 

Companies prefer to recruit an individual who, although may have theoretical knowledge but also has practical expertise in their particular field. As a part of our principle, guaranteed internships will be provided to our students pursuing ACCA. This becomes an added advantage as ACCA students evidence 3 years of work experience to become members.

Why should you choose ACCA?

  • Global recognition
  • Fast & Flexible pace
  • Versatile qualification
  • Assured Support from the tuition provider and ACCA
  • Employers welcome ACCA members
  • World’s fastest growing professional qualification
  • BSc in Applied accounting from the Oxford Brookes University