In the past, having a degree or masters in a particular field brought great advantages for young individuals when entering the corporate world. However, it has now come to a time where purely having experience in a field is not enough to land a position higher than those who apply with a degree or professional qualification.

It is currently highly recommended to have professional experience along with a degree to gain a very good position in a company. Companies prefer to recruit an individual who, although may have theoretical knowledge, has the physical expertise in their particular field. This is because when companies assign new positions, they are passing on a responsibility for a certain sector of their business. They would prefer handing over that responsibility to an individual who has physical experience by previously working in that field rather than an individual who merely has a theoretical understanding of it. Not only that, students would get a more holistic understanding while doing their degree if they were to work for a company specializing in that particular field

As a part of this principle, guaranteed internships will be provided to students pursuing their undergraduate degree at the Kensley Graduate School.

Along with this, students will be also engaging with their peers and lecturers under the following modules specifically designed for the theme “Career Centric Learning”

  • Consumer Behaviour and Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Relations
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable Development
  • Behaviour for Business
  • Selling and Sales Management

Date :

June 29, 2018