Indoor Football

Whether its competitive or for fun, indoor football or futsal is a fast paced, dynamic sport that students are encouraged to take part in. Students will participate in several inter-university futsal tournaments that will require the display of leadership and team building skills.


The Kensley Graduate School will have its very own basketball team that will participate in several inter-university basketball tournaments where the display of leadership and team building skills is required. As a part of the team, students will have to be present for regular practices.


Here at the Kensley Graduate School, we don’t want you to get off the couch and stop playing video games. In fact, the management of the Kensley Graduate School provides students with the opportunity of participating in competitive E-sports, an activity that has been gaining increasing popularity with several multiplayer tournaments being organized over past five years.

Debating Club

Whether you aim to continue with a hobby you’ve been enjoying for years or try something completely new, you’re almost certain to find a club or society that fits the bill. The college’s debating club can be where it all starts for some as they look to develop on their cognitive thinking and public speaking skills.

Toastmasters Club

The Toastmasters club will play a crucial part of the college’s “career centric learning” theme as it helps in development of confident speakers and adds value to their curriculum vitae.

Date :

October 31, 2018