We believe in outstanding students and not merely in the sense of intelligence. That is why we at Kensley Graduate School are offering scholarships for students regardless of their academic achievements. What we look for is not only limited to intelligence but also quick-thinking, improvisation, decision making, etc. In order to be eligible for our scholarship programme, we will conduct a 3-course evaluation.

Aptitude Examination

Scholarship applicants will first be evaluated based on their knowledge. An aptitude examination will be conducted to carry out this evaluation. Applicants will be asked questions on various topics and be evaluated based on their answers.


Applicants who have scored well in their aptitude examinations will then be called for an interview that will evaluate them based on their conduct, goals, past and present activities, etc.


Following the interview, applicants will then be given a topic of discussion where they must prepare and present their argument to a panel of judges.

After the completion of these three stages, applicants will be chosen based on the results of their aptitude examination, interview, and presentation

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November 21, 2018