Free Gym Membership

Students at Kensley Graduate School will each be offered a student membership at the Power World, located at the Ceylonese Rugby & Football Club in Longdon Place, a well-equipped, modern gym fitted with weightlifting and cardio equipment.

They will also be given the option of choosing two other gym locations that are convenient to them. The college wishes to foster a healthy and energized student community with this initiative.


The college has an in-house library with all the books, reports, case studies and other necessary material from various local and international sources which our students can read and understand to assist them in completing their due assignments and upcoming exams if they wish to revise on a short time schedule. Students can also request for certain e-books and online study material.

The Kensley Graduate School has also been permitted to provide each and every student with a library membership to the British Council Library in order to allow them to gather the best information necessary for their relevant field of study as well as to enhance their vocabulary.

Computer Lab

Since the courses that we offer create the need for our students to use computers to further understand their lessons on a more practical level, we possess a computer lab readily available, consisting of state-of-the-art desktops with high-speed internet facilities so that the students are able to develop their practical knowledge alongside the development of their theoretical knowledge.

Futsal Court

Students will be able make use of the CR7 futsal court located close to the college premises for an allocated time period by making a prior booking. This booking will be paid for by the management of the Kensley Graduate School.

Student Lounge

The student lounge is where students can sit down and relax after a day of lectures or catch up with their peers during coffee breaks. It’s got plenty of bean bags stacked up.

Free Wi-Fi

This is a given! But only this time, much faster.

Student Discounts

The Kensley Graduate School has partnered up with several cafes, restaurants and retail outlets to provide our students with attractive discounts and exclusive offers. On the day of their orientation, students will be provided with a list of establishments from where they can enjoy such benefits given that they are able to produce their student ID at the time of the purchase.


The college has made arrangements for bicycles that can used by students to travel within the vicinity of the college.


Date :

June 27, 2018