Debunking The Myth Of Advanced Levels

by kensley

Debunking The Myth Of Advanced Levels

by kensley

by kensley

The south east Asian continent consists of a number of countries whose ideals are deeply embedded in their distinct cultures and traditions. Straying away from said traditions is equivalent to committing a cardinal sin. But the young millennials have been questioning the governing laws since the beginning of the millennia, and have successfully debunked many traditional myths. Currently, they are busy debunking the myth on the necessity of Advanced Levels in their lives.

Sitting for one’s advanced level exams has always been a constant in everybody’s lives. There was a time when the lack of advanced level exams meant no access into universities. But now, there has been an in-surge in the availability of many different foundation courses provided by well renowned universities which are affiliated with local institutes. However, although many foundation courses are available, many people consider that opting for a foundation course, as opposed to sitting for their advanced levels, to be a transgression of traditional norms.

Opting for a foundation course has many merits, namely

Saves time

Status quo is such that the millennials are now caught up in a rat race – they want to do many things and be many things in a very short period of time. These students are very clear about what they want to do in the future, and on the field that they would like to major in. And, in such instances, Advanced levels tend to be a waste of time. Foundation courses cater to this particular need; and saves students from a bit of a time crunch. 2 years of education is filtered, and a field focused course is then compressed and offered as a foundation course.

Provides an alternate route as opposed to the more traditional one 

Foundation courses provides students with options. If a student has picked out a field which he wants to major in, (an example might be engineering) and the entry requirements are tough to satisfy; a foundation course would be the best option. It guarantees a place in the university upon its completion, and also gives a taste of the subject and the field involved to the students prior to the commencement of the degree.

Field specific courses 

Foundation courses are essentially accelerated study programs specifically focusing on a particular field. They cover the basics of the intended course, and give the students a taste of the real deal.

A virtual “university” experience of sorts 

This course provides a simulation of university life as a whole. Many students find it difficult to adjust with university life at early onset. They learn that university life is much different when compared to their school days. Students doing a foundation degree will have an early understanding of the demands of university life. Thus, when starting their degree, the adjustment process becomes much easier when compared to those fresh after advanced levels.

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