Foundation Programmes

Prepare yourself for university studies right after your O/L examinations

Undergraduate Programmes

Obtain an internal degree from UK’s top ranked universities.

Postgraduate Programmes

Looking for a qualification that will cement your career?

Oxford Training Programmes

That’s right, a training programme at the University of Oxford!

Making wholesome individuals, preparing each one for the real world and; serving the stereotype that you need work experience prior to working itself

Why Choose US?

We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.

Affiliate Rankings

The University of Chichester and was ranked 54th in the UK for the year 2019

Exclusive Provision

Exclusive programmes from the University of Oxford for  South Asia and China

Advisory Council

An advisory council consisting of industry leaders and accomplished academics

College Facilities

Providing a variety of facilities and services for students

Affiliate Rankings

We cater towards every need of each students

Extracurricular Activities

All of it focusing on making you career ready.

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