Kensley Graduate School

Its More Than What it Seems Like

The Right Choice

Kensley Graduate School

Its More Than What it Seems Like

The Right Choice

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Our Storyย 

Kensley Graduate School was founded by a pair of young Sri Lankans, who have had prior experience in the field of academics as well as teaching, having taught in the United Kingdom for a considerate amount of time. Never forgetting where they grew up, they hoped to contribute towards the development of education and to expand the standard of knowledge in Sri Lanka, ultimately deciding to bring this level of teaching along with a broad variety of subject fields back to their homeland to increase the depth of knowledge existing in the Sri Lankan students.

Business corporations always prefer employing individuals who possess both the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge. Therefore, our methodology is not only limited to theoretical teaching, but it is also putting that theoretical teaching into practice by showing them real examples as well as exposing them to the businesses related to the fields that they are pursuing so that they may gain experience alongside the knowledge they gather during their time at Kensley.

Our Vision

To be the leading institution in Sri Lanka at the creation of pioneers in the business world.

Our Mission

We strive to provide unparalleled opportunities to develop the conceptual and interpersonal skills of students to bring out their maximum innovative potential with an internationally recognized standard of education.

Our Promise

We Strive to ensure that each oneย  of our students walk out of our Buildings with a firm foundation for a prosperous future

Making wholesome individuals, preparing each one for the real world and; serving the stereotype that you need work experience prior to working itself

Why Choose US?
We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.
Affiliate Rankings

The University of Gloucestershire and was ranked 54th in the UK

Advisory Council

An advisory council consisting of industry leaders and accomplished academics

Individual Attention

We cater towards every need of each students

Exclusive Provision

Exclusive programmes from the University of Oxford forย  South Asia and China

College Facilities

Providing a variety of facilities and services for students

Extracurricular Activities

All of it focusing on making you career ready.