E – Learning: The Beginning

by kensley

E – Learning: The Beginning

by kensley

by kensley

The current global pandemic has changed the way we operate during our daily lives as people are now required to practice strict social distancing rules.

It has even forced schools, colleges and other educational institutions to move from the standard norm of “face to face classes” to the “next best means” of e-learning as we saw them scramble to make use of video conferencing softwares such as Zoom during early March.

Though, e-learning has been out there for very long time in the form of online degrees and learning platforms, people are yet to understand it’s merits that include;

• Being able to receive knowledge from the best possible educators despite global location.

• Generally lower priced than a standard college degree/course while it also eliminates your housing and commute expenses.

• More flexibility with scheduling classes meaning you can fit online classes more easily into a busy or inconsistent schedule.

• It is more convenient as you can watch recorded videos any time you choose to. You do not need to commute anywhere and/or be somewhere at a certain time.

• More flexible pacing. For instance, if you have one busy week and one free week, you can do double the work during the week where you have more free time.

• Hones and develops skills such as self discipline and communication. Both of which are important for the workplace.

There are some drawbacks too. However, most online programs/courses you hear about are run by for-profit, non-accredited universities and platforms, so that’s where the general negative response comes in.

If in the case of higher education, find a program that is backed by a reputable university with a physical location to boot. It doesn’t have to be close to you since you’re just taking their online offerings.

It also important to note that taking online classes really depends on the person taking them. If you can manage your time responsibly and stay motivated, then you will see that the above mentioned benefits of e-learning easily outweigh it drawbacks.

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